History Of Women Sports

In the ancient Olympics, women were not even allowed to watch the competitions. However, the precise history of women sports can traced back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In early 20th century, a separate women's athletic event, the Heraea Games was eventually developed. But there was only few women participated in the sports. However, social changes in Europe and North America favored increased women participation in society as equals with men, as exemplified by the women’s rights movement. Although women were allowed to compete in many sports, relatively few showed interest, for a variety of social and psychological reasons that are still poorly understood. Read on to know more about the origin of women sports.

The women sports history reflects that the women participated in the modern Olympic from 1900 onward. They participated considerably in fewer events. Due to the lack of physical strength and stamina of women led to the disheartenment of women involvement in more physically intensive sports. Because of this reason, netball was developed out of basketball and softball out of baseball. Throughout the mid-twentieth century, Communist countries dominated many Olympic sports, including women's sports, due to state-sponsored athletic programs that were technically regarded as amateur. The legacy of these programs endured, as former Communist countries continue to produce many of the top female athletes. Germany and Scandinavia also developed strong women's athletic programs in this period.

In the United States, female student participation in sports was remarkably encouraged by the Title 9 Act in 1972, preventing gender discrimination and equal opportunity for women to participate in sport at all levels. However, pressure from sports funding bodies has also improved gender equality in sports. From 1970s, tennis became the most popular professional female sport. But, women's professional team sports achieved popularity for the first time in the 1990s, particularly in basketball and football. This popularity has been asymmetric, being strongest in the U.S., certain European countries and former Communist states. Thus, women's soccer was originally dominated by the U.S., China, and Norway.

Today, women participate professionally and as amateurs in practically every major sport, though the level of participation typically lessens when it comes to the more violent contact sports. However, few schools have women's programs in American football, boxing or wrestling. This is how the history of women sports evolved and developed.

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