History Of Skiing

According to the history of skiing, it is believed that skiing had its origin from Northern Europe and Asia. The first skiers used Skis from the bones of large animals. However, the skiing history also shows that wooden Skis which is 5000 years old were found in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. According to the historians, there was a time when Skis were used in a war. This was during the Battle of Oslo, Norway (A.D. 1200) where Norwegian scouts used Skis to spy on Swedish enemies. In 1747, a Norwegian military Ski company was established. The Norwegian military had skiing competitions from the 1670s and the first known civilian ski race took place in 1843 at Tromso, Norway.

According to skiing history, Viking ruler King Harald Hadrade of Iceland indulged in skiing for gambling and winning prizes during 1046-1066 approximately. In 1850, skis were also used in the Sierra Nevada gold fields and later to ferry mail from Carson City, Nevada to Placerville, California in 1856, crossing 94 miles in 4 days. Downhill ski races, with speeds of up to 90 mph, were organized between competing mining camps by 1857. The major turning point in skiing history came in the year 1868 when Sondre and his fellow skiers performed at the first national skiing competition held at Iverslokken, Christiana. Other Skiing enthusiasts marked the development of modern Skiing. In 1896, Mathias Zdarsky of Austria introduced the technique of pushing one Ski at an angle to the fall line in order to control speed.

It is believed that modern skiing developed in 1850. In the beginning of1900s, Hannes Schneider, of Austria, got impressed by Zdarsky's technique. He comes up with new stopping and tactics. Later, he structured it as the first mode of Ski instruction. It was later called as the Arlberg technique, in which modern skiing techniques were based. In the early 1900s, in the history of skiing, skiing became a very popular competitive sport. The first Slalom race was played in 1921 at Switzerland. After three years, Nordic competitions became part of the first Winter Olympic Games.

Skiing was included in the 1924 Winter Olympic Games held in Chamonix, France. Cross country skiing was introduced in the 1932 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid. Even Alpine skiing event was also introduced in the 1936 Winter Olympics which was held in Innsbruck, Austria. In the 1952 Oslo Winter Olympic games both disciplines of Telemark and Alpine skiing were combined and held in the form of the Giant Slalom contest. However, the world awaits the next Winter Olympics which is to be held in Vancouver 2010.

The above article on origin of skiing clearly shows the interesting developments in the skiing over the time.

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