History Of Golf

According to the historians, the origin of golf can be precisely dated back to 1300s in Netherlands where a game similar to golf was being played with a stick and ball. During that time, the winner was whoever hit the ball the most number of times into a target several hundred yards away. However, in the history of golf, some scholars also said that the game of putting a small ball in a hole in the ground using golf clubs was also played in 17th-century Netherlands and that this predates the game in Scotland. Moreover, there are also other reports of earlier accounts of a golf-like game from continental Europe. Read on to know more about the history of golf.

In 1457, King James IV banned the game of golf in Scotland as it was considered to be an interference with archery practice. But, quite surprisingly, he became a loyal player of the game just ten years later. In 1651, other heads of Scotland gave their royal consent for the game to be played freely throughout the region. With this the game of golf became very popular. By the early 1700s, golfing became more organized. Clubs and organizations began to form. The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh which is the world’s oldest golf club is founded in 1735. Others include the Edinburgh Golfing Society and the Gentlemen Golfers of Edinburgh. However, these organizations were the first to set rules and regulations for this most prestigious game.

In the golf history, some golf clubs played with five holes while others would play with twenty-two holes. But in 1764, it was settled that there would be 18 holes. In the mid 1700s, the game golf quickly started spreading to other areas and countries. However, a club was established in England in 1766, and in 1856 the first club of France was founded. In 1888, the St. Andrews club in New York helped bring popularity to the game of golf in the United States, and in 1894 the United States Golf Association was formed. Allan Robertson is known as the first great of the game of golf. Later, on tournaments like the British open was held to decide who the greatest player of the game was. In 1895, the United States held its first Open in Newport, Rhode Island. Since then, tournaments of all kinds have developed and are played all over the world.

With the changes of time, golf equipment has also changed. In earlier times golf balls were made of wood. Later, a ball known as “feathery” evolved. However, in the mid 1800s, a man named Reverend Robert Preston introduced a ball called “gutty.” Later, another kind of ball called the “Haskell,” was also invented. Moreover, the first golf clubs were made of wood. Later, hickory wood was used to make golf clubs and iron was used for the head of the club.

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