History Of Hockey

The history of hockey can be traced back to time of early civilization. It is believed that the hockey has its origin from 4000 years back. Field hockey was eventually played even before the birth of Christ. The game was called as the “ball and stick” game; it was played since ancient times in places diverse as Rome, Scotland, Egypt and South America. The game was referred to in different names but the basic idea of playing the game was the same. The most apt used term was “Hockie” by the Irish. Though the term was coined centuries ago, the word found its way through to the present generation. Read on to know more about the origin of hockey.

In the history of hockey in 17th and the early 18th century England, the game of hockey consists of 60 to 100 players in one team and the game lasted for several days and would end up injured and with grievous manner. The umpires were there but they were more of mute spectators, who would make a call only if a team asked them to. Some years later in the hockey history, a logical and organized approach to the game came into play with the introduction of revision of rules. The game was limited to 30 players for each team. The game that we know today emerged at Eton College in England in the 1860s when the first rules were written down. The Hockey Association was formed in the year 1875 and some of the rules chalked out were implemented.

In 1886, the British Hockey Association was established and included the rule for striking circle for hitting goals. By 1889, there were changes in the rules of the game of hockey, and the game developed quickly. The pyramid system was developed and it became the method of playing the game of hockey. In 1890 the English, Irish and Welsh hockey associations formed the International Rules Board and umpires were given power to make decisions without waiting for players to appeal for a free hit. Hockey was first played at the Olympic Games in 1908 when men's teams were included. Women's hockey was not included in the Olympics until 1980.

In the history of hockey, the game was played for the first time in the Commonwealth Games in 1998. In 1908, the Olympic Hockey Competition for men for the first time was held in London. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) was formed in 1924 in Paris. However, the women's game improved rapidly in many countries and in 1927, the International Federation of Women's Hockey Associations (IFWHA) was formed. By 1964, there were already fifty countries affiliated with the FIH, as well as three continental associations. In many ways, the FIH serves as the "guardian" of the sport. It works in co-operation with both the national and continental organizations to ensure consistency and unity in hockey around the world.

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