History Of Soccer

The history of soccer is quite ancient. It can be traced back to 1004 B.C in Japan where people used to kick a ball around on a small field. But a lot of references agree that China is the birthplace of “kicking the ball”. Documentary evidence reveals that an organized activity resembling football transpired during the 2nd century BC in the reign of the Han Dynasty. Chinese military soldier used to play this game during their free time. The Chinese kicked a leather ball and it is known with certainty that a soccer game was played in 611 A.D. in the then Japanese capital, Kyoto. However, the information on the origin of soccer shared in this article will help you how soccer was introduced.

In the history of soccer, Romans and Greeks also played a game somewhat similar to modern soccer. The teams during those times consisted of up to 27 players. However, Britain is undoubtedly the place from which the modern soccer came into existence. In fact, the game caught the frenzy of the masses from the beginning of the 8th century. Football has always been termed as Soccer in Britain. Scotland and Britain together share the credit for being the co founder of the organized sport. In earlier times, historians were only keen to keep record of events like wars and religious movement and have less interest in preserving records of soccer. Thus, nobody knows how soccer seems to have spread from Asia to Europe.

The game of soccer became popular in England during 1800s. In the soccer history, a record of the evolution of soccer in England reveal that Eton College had the earliest known rules of the game in 1815. Moreover, order gradually came to the game, and standardized rules called as the Cambridge rules were adopted by England's major colleges. Later, soccer was divided into two separate games - those who followed the Cambridge rules and those who followed the rules lay down by the Rugby school. The Rugby school allowed shoving, tripping, shin kicking and using hands while handling the ball.

The Football Association was founded in October 26th, 1863, and this association set single fundamental rules that would govern the soccer matches. However, the Rugby school disagrees with the outcome and they split from the Football Association on December 8th, 1863, where the Rugby Football and The Football Association parted ways. The Football Association laid down strict rules in 1869, which discouraged any kind of handling of the ball. This laid down the norm of the basic rule of Soccer that is the essence of the modern game. In 1885, the professional way of playing the football was legalized by The Football Association, paving an eventful landmark in the history of soccer. Soccer is played with a lot of passion and enthusiasm in today’s age.

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